In addition to digital photography, we also teach senior students (i.e. the older pupils) how to use the laptop. Here you learn the first steps in Photoshop and Office 360.
Most of the students have never sat in front of a laptop and the interest is correspondingly high. Not only us, but also them, is without a doubt clear that using digital technology is an important key for their future.
So we start from scratch: power supply, mouse and keyboard use. Then it goes on to the Microsoft operating system. And after the first day, everyone knows how to use a laptop and where to find files.
On the second day we dive into the computer program world and show the first steps in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. On the third day we dedicate ourselves to Photoshop and show how to edit images and create compositions.
The enthusiasm for computers and the speed with which our students conquer this tool shows us how important this extension in our offer is: Even deeper computer training is the next step in expanding our program.